Welcome to the website of Gay Swim Amsterdam (GSA). GSA was founded in March 1995 and is a member of the Royal Dutch Swimming Association (KNZB). The club has at present about 70 members of which 20% are women. GSA is a club for swimming,  and triathlon training.

GSA swimmers train twice a week in the Sloterparkbad pool and twice a week in the Marnixbad pool. For triathlon we have a special arrangement for swimming, running and cycling. Training for thriathlon start January 2017.
For more information check with our triathlon committee.
Write to: triatlon@gayswimamsterdam.nl
Each GSA member is welcome to take part in all of the swimming training sessions.

GSA has created a relaxing and stimulating environment for gays and lesbians to train and work out to improve their competitive achievements.  Straight people are also welcome to join provided they have a positive attitude towards gay and lesbian people. GSA enables all members to work on their skills and fitness. GSA is a regular participant to both national and international competitions and tournaments such as the KNZB Masters, the Eurogames, the WorldOutgames and the Gay Games. Our swimmers regularly win medals.

Monday: 9pm – 10pm Marnixbad,
Wednesday: 9.15pm – 10.15pm Sloterparkbad [50 meter],
Friday: 8.15pm – 9.15pm Sloterparkbad [25 meter],
Sunday: 17.00 – 18.00 Marnixbad [with out friends from Upstream],


You can find the trainingschedule following this link.


All GSA members have unlimited access to all training sessions provided by GSA

In addition to regular training sessions, GSA members are also able to take part in triathlon training sessions. Please consult triathlon@gayswimamsterdam.nl for current training possibilities.

Make sure you are at the pool at least fifteen minutes prior to the training so that you have time enough for a proper warming up and so that you can help to get the pool ready for use.


All training participants are jointly responsible for getting the pool ready and clearing everything up afterwards. Prior to every training the lines need to be laid (or lines need to be taken out of the pool in case of a 50 m pool use) back stroke flags must be hung up and water polo goals have to be installed etc.


Finally, every participant must take a shower before the training.