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Start the new season in style, with the new GSA swimming gear!

Start the new season in style, with the new GSA swimming gear!

After long preparations of vendor selection, design process and input on desired styles we can finally announce 3 new additions to the GSA shop! See attached designs for a first look!

We have designed something for everybody, all with the GSA logo in chique dark blue with sporty warm orange accents – in style with the GSA colors. First will be a swimming suit from the Turbo brand (extreme durable), with 1 layer padding just in front for optimum swimming results. Secondly a bathing suit for the ladies from the MTB sport brand, with medium cut out legs but still really designed for swimming (not for the beach)!  Also, we will add jammers to the assortment (also from MTB sport) with our logo boldly placed vertically on the sides.

The swimming suits will cost 40 Euro, 60 Euro for the ladies suit and 50 Euro for the jammer. These prices are applicable only if you order in the first production batch. Every second item will get a discount of 15% for this first batch only. So, if you order a jammer now, you can get the Turbo suit for 34 Euro. A 2nd bathing suit for the ladies (in the same size) costs 51 Euro. Please note we will not order anything to keep on stock, so if you want to order later, we will wait until sufficient orders have come in to order a new batch.

Not to worry – we have had a full series of products made, in the correct style and the correct print, so you can try them on; see which size is good for you! We will be organizing fitting sessions on the following days:

Jammers & ladies suits: Wednesday 21st June / Friday the 23rd of June / Monday 26th of June / Wednesday the 28th of June

Man suits: to be announced

If these dates do not fit you, you can compare your size with one of the other swimmers.

 How to order: simply transfer the payment of your order to the GSA account (NL70INGB0007498703 in name of Gay Swim Amsterdam), with size and type of product ordered (jammer, suit or trunk) mentioned in the transfer details. We will group all orders into 1 order at the supplier in order to benefit from this low price.  All orders received by Monday the 3rd July will be processed. For the Turbo man suits alternative dates will be announced.  Orders will be handed out after a few weeks.


Koen – GSA shop

Test Swim for LoveSwim

Test Swim for LoveSwim

Tomorrow June 2, 1 pm join us for testing the waters of Amstel River.

Be there a little before 1pm and send us a message if you’d like to join.

Roeicentrum Berlagebrug Weesperzijde 1094

Bring 50 cents for the lockers and your pin card for some drinks afterwards.

Shorties in Utrecht

Shorties in Utrecht

Saturday 23 september 2017

Zwembad De Kwakel Paranadreef 10 3563 AX Utrecht

LHBTI swimming club Nat Utrecht celebrates its 20th anniversary. Let’s have a party with all our swimfriends from Utrecht, the Netherlands and abroad. Join us!

Meet and greet

Friday evening in the historical center of Utrecht

Swimming competition

Saturday afternoon. The distances are:

50 free style – 100 back stroke – 50 butterfly – 100 breast stroke – 100 medley – 4x 50 freestyle – 50 backstroke – 50 breaststroke – 100 free style – 25 butterfly – 4 x 50 medley – 10 x 25 free style (mixed)

Dinner and party

Recover at our dinnerbuffet and splash your energy at our disco party.

We arranged Ottonea historical site at the most beautiful canal of Utrechtand DJ Roeland

Adress: Kromme Nieuwegracht 62, Utrecht

Hosted housing and hotels

Information is following


The registration starts in the beginning of march.

Check their website:

Haal alles uit je zwemspullen

Haal alles uit je zwemspullen

Artikel in het Engels, gekopieerd van Swimpro:

If you have access to training equipment like fins, paddles, or a snorkel; you have an incredible opportunity to enhance your swim training. The biggest advantages of using equipment are the ability to mix up your training all while working on improving technique, efficiency, and increasing swimming strength. Sometimes it’s hard to know how or when to use your equipment to get the biggest bang for your buck. Here’s a few things to think about when you’re trying to decide when to reach for your equipment bag!


Know its purpose:

Each piece of equipment offers a different opportunity to improve some technical or strength component of your swimming. Below are a few major pieces of equipment and their respective benefits:

Fins: Fins can help develop an efficient kick and allow you to focus on improving body position and rotation. If used in moderation, fins can be a great tool to improve cardiovascular fitness and overall swimming efficiency.

Paddles & Pull Buoy: A pull buoy allows you to shut off your lower body and exclusively focus on your catch and pull pattern. This allows you to work on creating a high-elbow catch and building upper body strength. It’s important to keep technique in mind while training with paddles and/or a pull buoy because these can often mask stroke imbalances.

Snorkel: The snorkel can increase aerobic capacity and breath control by restricting the amount of oxygen that enters or leaves the body at any given time. It also allows you to focus on stroke technique without the interruption of turning your head to breath.

Kickboard: The kickboard allows you to isolate the legs and develop a strong kick. We highly advise training the legs in as many body positions as possible including: streamline on front, streamline on back, streamline on either side, and streamline underwater. Varying your kick training will yield the most efficient technique and results.

Don’t Overuse The Equipment


It can be really hard to take your fins or paddles off after a set. Your arms feel like noodles, and it feels like you’re not going anywhere. It’s important to warm-up adequately before putting any equipment on. This will lessen the “noodle-feeling” you get when you take the equipment off.

It’s also important not to become dependent on the equipment you use. While it’s perfectly ok to use a particular piece of equipment for a majority (or the entirety) of a workout, just keep in mind that it’s taking a hit on your overall swimming performance. If that’s not an issue, then go for it.


If you’re a more experienced swimmer and you’re looking to get faster, keep your equipment usage to less than 50% of your total workout volume. Some days you may go over, other days, you’ll be under, but keep an eye on how often you’re using your equipment and it will make a big difference in your ability to transition on and off of your swimming toys.

Combine Swim Equipment


Don’t be afraid to use multiple pieces of equipment together on sets. Using your fins and paddles at the same time can be a lot of fun and lead to increased performance gains. That added resistance will also make you work harder. If you want to take it to the next level – add the snorkel!

You’re limited by your imagination, so be creative, and see what works for you.