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Welcome to the homepage of Gay Swim Amsterdam. We are a LHBTI swimming club with about 80 active members, both men and women from all ages, from beginning swimmers to more advanced. If you want to practice for (inter)national swimming competitions, exercises for a fit and healthy body or just for fun and getting to know new people, everyone is welcome to swim with us! GSA is a member of the Dutch Royal Swimming Union (KNZB).

GSA 25 Years

The year 2022, Gay Swim Amsterdam will be exactly 25 years old! It was on January 23, 1997 that our club was officially founded.

25 Years Gay Swim Amsterdam
A special anniversary that we want to celebrate extensively next year. For this reason, it has been decided to set up an anniversary committee and various activities have been planned. Are you curious and do you want more information?
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New here?

Despite the measures, you can of course still sign up for a trial swim! Would you like to join us for a swim or would you prefer some more information first? Quickly navigate to the ‘Join‘ page!

For more information about the training sessions, swimming competitions, activities and other interesting matters, we invite you to take a look at our new website! You can use the search bar on top of the page to find more information per category. Feel free to have a look!