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Our training sessions

Our training sessions are carefully prepared. There is an annual plan and spearhead competitions have been determined. Based on this, the training program is made for both novice and faster swimmers. The training program always consists of a warm-up and cooling-down section with attention to technique and fitness in between. All aspects are covered.

Every now and then ‘clinics’ are organized during the regular training sessions to teach you how to swim even better technically. During such a clinic, special attention is paid to a specific swimming component. Consider for example the turning point of the backstroke, streamlined swimming, speed or underwater phase. Attention can also be paid to a specific stroke, such as butterfly.

We offer a varied training program for everyone. Ranging from those of you who just want to come for a swim to those of you who want to participate in competitions (also for outdoor swimming and triathlons).

Training times

As a GSA member it is possible to train 4 days a week. Usually we train for one hour, on Fridays it’s possible to swim an extra half hour longer. Times and locations are as follows:

Monday09:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.Marnixpool25 meters
Wednesday09:15 p.m. – 10:15 p.m.Sloterparkpool50 meters
Friday08:15 p.m. – 09:45 p.m.Sloterparkpool25 meters
Sunday06:00 p.m. – 07:00 p.m.Marnixpool25 meters

Every odd week on Wednesday in the Sloterparkpool we reserve a lane especially for long-distance swimmers.

Sportbedrijf | Het Marnix
Marnixplein 1
1015 ZN Amsterdam
Optisport Sloterparkbad
Pres. Allendelaan 3
1064 GW  Amsterdam

GSA members are of all levels: we have beginners, experienced -, advanced – and fast swimmers. The ideal thing about swimming is that you can divide the pool into several lanes. Division is made by level and the extent to which the members control the swimming strokes. All lanes have a separate training program that perfectly matches the level and pace.

Our coaches

GSA currently has 10 enthusiastic trainers. Of these, 8 are certified through the KNZB, the rest are internally trained. At least 1 trainer is present at each training. All trainers are also members of the association and train themselves on the days that they are not at the pool edge.

Dia Huizinga

My name is Dia. I have been a member since the very first training in 1995

I have two diplomas, one to be an assistant coach and the second one to be the head coach

What I love about being a trainer is teaching people how to be better swimmers.

Dorien Bakker

Hi I’m Dorien, your trainer.
I have been a member of this cozy club for about 8 years. I completed my exam for trainer level 2 last year. I became a trainer because I enjoy teaching swimmers something and because I enjoy working with people.

I myself swim 1 to 2 times a week (that’s my goal). In addition to being a trainer, I work at a dental practice Tand150 who also sponsors the club. And when I’m not swimming, I’m walking, or I’m drawing / painting.

Kees Bakker

My name is Kees and I have been a member of Gay Swim Amsterdam since 2000. You’ll not only find me in the water, but since 2017 also along the edge of the pool. I have been swimming at a swimming club since I was a child and with GSA I also swim national and international competition on a regular base. I have been writing the training sessions for GSA since May 2022 and have also followed a KNZB course for head coach for this. I enjoy writing the training sessions for the swimmers and love to make them both challenging and varied.

What I enjoy the most about being a trainer is the contact with the swimmers and let them become a technichal better swimmer – I enjoy seeing swimmers progress. After all, if you become a technically better swimmer, it will cost you less strength and energy and it just becomes more fun. Who wouldn’t want to master a nice rollover turn? I also enjoy working with the other trainers. Making the club better together, so to speak.My goal is to let the GSA swimmers improve their swimming performance in an enjoyable way. So that they feel both satisfied as well as fatigued when taking a shower together where they are shining after an hour of training.

Stacey (she/her)

Dear readers, allow me to introduce you to this esteemed individual. She is a proud member of GSA and has a long-standing history with our swimming club. Beginning as a swimmer, she has since become a passionate and dedicated KNZB-coach at GSA. This individual thoroughly enjoys the excellent atmosphere that prevails at our club and is eager to witness the future accomplishments of our swimmers. We are delighted to have such a motivated and positive person as part of our community.

Johnny Elisen

My name is Johnny and I’m a GSA member since 2013. Since October 2023, I’m also an KNZB licensed trainer.  An hour of training is done in the blink of an eye because it is so much fun to do!

The most interesting aspect of training is observing how people swim for it gives an opportunity to offer constructive feedback. How to perform a stroke, diving deeper into its technique, and come up with fun drills makes being a trainer fun. The differences in age and levels are challenging but never dull. 

My goals as trainer is to create a safe, comfortable and energetic environment where I can share my technical knowledge and excitement with you. 

Emiel Heuver (he/his)

Hi! My name is Emiel and I am swimming at GSA since 2020. In 2021 I also started coaching. The reason I am coaching is because I like working together with our swimmers to improve their technique. Seeing improvements gives me satisfaction and above thats it’s also fun since all of our swimmers are extremely cool. I am trained by our internal GSA trainers program and do not have a KNZB license for coaching. 

Joost Kool

Hello everybody, Joost here. I am 46 years old. I am a member of GSA since 2014. Before that I have also been a member from 2000 – 2006. How that’s possible, I will tell you another time. Since a few years I am also a trainer. I have followed our internal training programm and you can find me as a trainer in the pool, about every three weeks. What I like about being a trainer? I like helping people to swim better. I enjoy it, when people can swim better and having fun because of it. Also I like having contact with everybody during the training sessions. See you around alongside or inside the swimming pool! Joost

Johan Bos

Hello! My name is Johan and I have been a member of GSA since 2007. I was already an experienced swimmer and thanks to the help of our trainers I steadily improved and became a trainer myself five years later. What I found really helpful was the hands-on nature of the trainers I had. They emphasized the importance of a good foundation and focused on consistent improvements. 

I use the same philosophy with my own coaching style and I always tell the swimmers that it’s better to have the right technique in the beginning than to try to be fast. This also helps me to become a better swimmer myself! In addition to swimming, I am also an avid runner and have recently started triathlon. See you at the pool! 


Hello, I’m Dirk and since 2018 I am regularly to be found by the poolside where I gladly give advice and feedback on the diverse and elegant swimming styles I observe. Since teaching myself to swim at the age of four, long time ago, I am often to be found in the pool or open water. That’s possibly because of a former aquatic incarnation as fish or dolphin, I think! To me that is a superb way of staying fit. What’s even more rewarding: is seeing how your skills develop when paying attention to technique. Now, with so many years’ swimming experience, why should I keep it all to myself and not share with my mates at what is the most enjoyable swimming club in the land?

Ruud Endenburg

Hi my name is Ruud and I have been a member since 1998. I started as a swimmer in the starting lane, but during the years I moved to the fastest lane. Since 2013 I’m standing as an internal trained trainer along the edge of the pool. What I like most about this is that you can teach a swimmer to swim better with just one clue. The difficulty is in unlearning the old while the strength is in the repetition. In addition, GSA is just a fun and cozy club where everyone is sporty at their own level. And we as a team of trainers always try to get the best out of yourself.