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Competition overview

This season, the following competitions are scheduled all over the world:

– 17 – 19 February: Wenen Valentine 

– 31 March – 2 April: Dusseldorf 

– 4 – 7 May: Amsterfoort, ONMK Long run
– 5 – 7 May: Prague 
– 26 – 28 May: Paris

– 23 – 25 June: Hamburg
– 25 – 30 June: Londen IGLA

– 26 – 29 July: Bern Eurogames

– 02 September: Open Dutch Gay Swimming championship (ONGZ) / Ketelbinkie Jubilee championship

– 3 – 11 November: Hongkong Gay Games
– 3 – 11 November Guadalajara Gay Games 

KNZB start license (required)

Do you want to participate in a competition? That is of course possible! However, it is important and necessary that your participation is reported to our national swimming association (KNZB). Depending the number of competitions you want to participate in, you can either choose a ‘day start’ license for each competition or a year-start license. It is obligatory for GSA to pay the license. If we do not do this, a fine will follow and will be passed on to you. So it is very important that if you want to participate, you let us know. We will then arrange a starting license for you. And you have to pay a small fee.

Would you like to request a starting license? Use the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!


    Sex malefemale

    Date of birth

    Email address

    For which competition do you want to register?

    On which date the competition will be held?