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Competition overview

At GSA you can also participate in in a number of competitions domestic and abroad. Below an overview of all competitions that are swum in the current season.

January 23th – 26th 2020RotterdamONMK Short lane
February 15th 2020AmsterdamValentine tournament
February 20th – 25th 2020MelbourneIGLA Championship
April 10th – 13th 2020MarseilleGSM 6
April 30th – May 3rd 2020EindhovenONMK Long lane
May 29th – 31th 2020ParisTIP
June 1st – 6th 2020BoedapestEuropean Master Championship
June 26th – 28th 2020HamburgQueer-Cup
July 17th – 19th 2020ZΓΌrichLake crossing (open water)
July 31th 2020AmsterdamLoveSwim (open water – Amstel)
August 5th – 9th 2020DΓΌsseldorfEurogames
December 4th – 6th 2020FrankfurtXmas Turner

If you are interested in participating in one of the competitions, miss competitions, or have any questions, please let us know!Β Additional data will be published at a later moment.

KNZB start license (required)

Do you want to participate in a competition? That is of course possible! However, it is important and necessary that your participation is reported to our national swimming association (KNZB). Depending the number of competitions you want to participate in, you can either choose a ‘day start’ license for each competition or aΒ year-start license. It is obligatory for GSA to pay the license. If we do not do this, a fine will follow and will be passed on to you. So it is very important that if you want to participate, you let us know. We will then arrange a starting license for you. And you have to pay a small fee.

Would you like to request a starting license? Use the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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