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This page is especially for our members. Here you will find things such as the activity agenda, the GSA shop and much more!

Activity agenda

This season GSA planned a number of fun and enjoyable activities for its members again. The following activities are scheduled:
– 01-09-2019: Cycling tour
– 06-11-2019: Bowling

– 04-01-2019 New Year’s drink
– 01-02-2020: Team diner
– 05-04-2020: Bingo
– 02-05-2020: GSA team championship (scroll down for more info!)

Watch your email for updates regarding these activities. The more participants, the more fun and if you would like to come along, just let us know! The activities committee currently consists of: Dorien Bakker-Ooms, Jeroen Hendricks, Rob van Wanrooy, Wim Walraven and Koen Vasse.Β Β For more information about the activities you can contact one of them or send an e-mail to the activity e-mail address: click here.

Social drinks

Social drinks are organized on a regular basis in one of Amsterdam’s most favorite gay hotspots and our regular favorite bar: the Taboo Kantine. These usually take place on Saturday afternoon / evening. The next drink is scheduled for: January 11th, 2020 and will commence at 17:00pm. Note: Happy Hour will start at 18:00 o’clock at Taboo Kantine. You don’t want to miss that, right?


In addition to activities, GSA also occasionally supplies swimwear. The current swimwear style of GSA looks as follows:

GSA team championship

The GSA team championship will be held again on Saturday evening May 2d. Afterwards we have a social drink. See this evening mainly to meet each other and to swim in a relaxed way your favorite distance(s). To keep the threshold as low as possible, you can decide yourself which numbers you want to swim on the evening itself so no stress of planning. In short, it will be a nice and pleasant evening. All distances of 25, 50 and 100 meters are scheduled (including the medley). There is no limit to the number of distances that you want to swim. Reserve Saturday May 2d on your calender.

Location: Marnixpool
Gather: 19:45
Warmup: 20:00
Start/finish competition: 20:15 – 22:00