Contest Information

Below you will find all the information about the competition: location, program, regulations, registration, prizes and starting list

  • Organization: Gay Swim Amsterdam
  • Date: Saturday 25th of May 2019
  • Jury Meeting: 12:15 hours
  • Warmup: 12:45 hours
  • Start of the competition: 13:15 hours
  • Contact person: Kees Bakker
  • E-mail:
  • Location: Sloterparkbad, President Allendelaan 3, 1064 GW  Amsterdam
  • Length of competition pool: 25 meters
  • Number of lanes: 8
  • Time registration: Electronic (ETW)
  • Warmup pool: 8 x 25 meters
  • Costs: EUR 35 for swimming, EUR 50 for swimming including buffet
  • Deadline of registration: Friday 10th of May 2019
  • Relaxation: Possibility of massage
  • Catering: Small refreshments are provided, but you might want to bring some too
  • Award ceremony: will take place in the canteen after the competition.


    1. 4x50m Breaststroke (relay)
    2. 100m Freestyle
    3. 50m Butterfly
    4. 100m Backstroke
    5. 50m Breaststroke
    6. 200m Medley
    7. 400m Freestyle                            BREAK
    8. 4x50m Medley (relay)
    9. 50m Freestyle
    10. 100m Butterfly
    11. 50m Backstroke
    12. 100m Breaststroke
    13. 100m Medley
    14. 4x50m Freestyle (relay)
    15. Fun relay

Closing of the competition: 17:30 hours

In case you have signed up for this, you can participate in the buffet after the competition.



the following options apply:


Swimming only

  • EUR 35,–

Swimming incl. buffet (also vegetarian)

  • EUR 50,– 

Participation in buffet only

  • EUR 15,– 

The Countdown Begins!








General information




After registration you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration. Check your spam if you have not received an e-mail. 


In this confirmation e-mail you will find information about your registration, your payment and what to do if you are unable to attend. By means of a reply to this confirmation e-mail (to it is also possible to submit changes until May 10th.



Your participation in the ONGZ is only definitive once the total amount has been transferred. 

Closing date

Closing registration: Friday May 10th 2019.


There are three relays and one fun relay. Registration forms for the relay cards will be sent to the team captains on Saturday May 11th.

Registration closed

Registration closed, download the contest list here


Prices, scoring and club classification

Prices can be won on individual numbers and relays. In addition, there is also competition for the club classification. See the regulations.

Startlist and results

A maximum of three starting lists can be obtained per club on the day of the competition. Starting lists are also available in the swimming pool.

The results are published online afterwards. All prices are awarded in the canteen after the game.