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Friends of GSA

Are you a former member of GSA and would you still like to swim along occasionally? As a FRIEND (x/f/m) you support the training opportunities that GSA can offer its members and maintain a bond with our association. In addition, friends have the opportunity to train ten times per seasonal year.

If you want to become a friend, the costs are €80 per year. You are then allowed to train 10 times per season. As a friend it is also possible to obtain a KNZB annual starting license for a calendar year through GSA with which you can participate in competitions and tournaments. You pay €50 extra for this.

Below is an overview of the options and costs.

  • Friend active: info GSA + 10x training: € 80,-
  • Friend active + starting license: info GSA + 10x training + starting license: € 130,-

If you decide to become a friend, please let the secretary know and transfer the relevant amount to bank account NL70INGB0007498703. Gay Swim Amsterdam, Amsterdam o.v.v. “Friends of GSA”.

To be extra clear: becoming a friend of GSA is only possible if you were a member any time before. You can switch from being a member to being a friend, but the friend program is not meant for new swimmers. Not sure if you want to swim with us full time? We recommend you to join us for a trial practice first, by sending us an e-mail or a message on social media.